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      Interview by Manor Magazine

      “A lot of my work has been for high end London and home counties clients.  My favourite briefs are for intimate weddings where the couple and I have a shared passion for local and seasonal flowers in an artisanal style.  I am delighted to have decorated Chapel Royal at St James’ Palace for weddings, worked for Eton College and British Polo Day and run numerous workshops at Heston Blumenthal’s The Hinds Head in Bray.  Some of my most challenging work was when living in Slovakia – running a business in a foreign country and conversing with suppliers with my limited Slovak language skills.  Now, very happily based in South Devon, I also work at informal and artistic venues.  For example, I recently decorated Ocean Studios at Royal William Yard for the launch of Flavour Fest, which included a wild foliage display.  I am a keen supporter of and run events for British Flowers Week and The Chelsea Fringe Festival.”

      Interview by Made in Plymouth Magazine

      What I personally loved about Miranda’s attitude to floristry was her adaptive approach. She was as enthusiastic about foraging for materials as she was about producing large, highly prestigious commissions. Enthusiasm for her craft just bubbles out of every conversation.  Miranda’s style is loose and flowing, organic in development, with seasonality in the locally produced blooms and foliage at the heart of her creations.  Since her arrival in the west country, she has developed a great working relationship with many local producers and growers and has found suppliers from Devon and Cornwall very open, flexible and innovative in business dealings.”


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