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      Cytotec is used for reducing the risk of stomach ulcers in certain patients who take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

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      Buy cytotec kmart pharmacy generic price list online in usa CytoTech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a specialty pharmacy development company focused on discovery, and commercialization of innovative therapeutics for the treatment of a broad range rare diseases. CytoTech's pipeline of therapeutics consists four products, two of which are intended for investigational use and the third approved for commercialization: cytotec, a human monoclonal antibody that blocks infection caused by the herpesvirus 2; and a clinical trial for the orphan indication of chronic non-Hodgkin lymphoma (CNM), a type of cancer. The company is developer and distributor of cytotec in the United States and has completed two Phase 1 clinical trials of the drug for use in patients with HBV-associated acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Cytotec is being developed by Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:CYT), a wholly owned subsidiary of CytoTech and a major commercial partner for CytoTech. CytoTech also holds 50 % or greater voting ownership in C.A.R. Biotherapeutics, the New Jersey company that holds the exclusive U.S. license for Cytotec the treatment of ALL. CytoTech employs a unique combination of science and human ingenuity that resulted in the development of both Cytotec and C.A.R. Biotherapeutics compounds. The development of Cytotec, which was initiated in 2007, has employed extensive efforts to understand how Cytotec works and to engineer enhance its potential be more effective and less toxic than the FDA approved drug. In April 2012 after an intensive two-year phase 1 clinical trial of Cytotec in patients with ALL that buy cheap cytotec in usa evaluated a single injection of Cytotec for patients with very high levels of the virus in their blood samples resulting very low viral levels, Cytotec was approved by the FDA to treat adults and children with up to an upper limit of 50 mcg/L viral replication in blood. In April 2013 Cytotec was approved by the FDA to treat patients with an established diagnosis of ALL, who have an inapparent viral load, and those who have a history of at least 2 years with an undetectable viral load. CytoTech's second product approved in 2013, the clinical trial for disease currently referred to as chronic non-Hodgkin lymphoma, consists of the use Cytotec capsules in patients with advanced or recurrent CNM, according to an e-mail statement from the company which can be read in full on the following link: http://www.cyto.com/About/News/ http://www.cyto.com/About/News/PR-2013-09-21.html C.A.R. Biotherapeutics has licensed Cytotec for use in the treatment of patients with chronic non-Hodgkin lymphoma (CNM). CytoTech holds a patent for the use of CytoTech's cyto-peptides to inhibit the re-infection of human T cells buy pfizer cytotec online with HSV-1. CytoTech has licensed the rights to technology developed by C.A.R. Biotherapeutics Inc. (C.A.R.B.I.) in the United States. C.A.R.B.I.'s exclusive license to C.A.R. Biotherapeutics Inc. covers the use of CytoTec in form a human monoclonal antibody, which may inhibit HSV-1 replication in T cells. The company has completed one Phase 1 clinical trial of CytoTec for the treatment C.A.R.B.I. patients who have had a history of negative HSV-1 antibody test and had an HIV RNA test result that was within the normal range. CytoTech anticipates that this product combination will be a safe and effective option for patients with advanced CNM who have a high-risk of reactivation HSV-1 and in whom other therapies for managing relapses are not clinically feasible. The company anticipates that this product combination can be a successful additional option to conventional therapies for the patient population that already has a history of successful use other pharmacologic therapies for the treatment of CNM. CytoTech expects to file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) a Registration Statement on Form S-4 (Registration No. 333-1) to list its securities and reports on Form 8-K, including periodic reports on the effectiveness of CytoTech product candidate in the treatment of patients with advanced CNM, beginning January 10, 2014. The company will file a supplemental report on Form S-1 (with the text of which may be found on filing statement no. 32-)

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